i’ve had so much bad luck it’s good luck

What is bad luck but an opportunity to sharpen our skills –
the skills we were born with, the talents we didn’t know we have.
What is bad luck but the uncomfortable handle on the door to success,
covered with mold…tarnished…but recognizable by the finest jeweler.

This miner of gold reaches past the disgusting to discover what’s inside.
The door opens, and the day is saved.
Sight from within penetrates the surface of all disaster,
It reveals salvation existing within the parameters of peace.

The architect of design lives in this hidden world,
wherein lies all resources to create from the Universe of Knowing,
answering any questions needed to build a foundation
from the only existence that is true – Universal Love.

When we open the door of bad luck and find lasting peace
we remove the barriers we’ve created and rebuild our life.

Thoughts of destruction are no longer feared when we rest
in the state of awareness that the power of life bends to bring forth
a new universe every moment of every day.

We have the innate ability to realize that the comfort of not knowing
is a state of recognition of what is to become known.
Leave behind limited thoughts. Release their un-informed energy
to float freely disengaged from misunderstanding.

Discovering this powerful ingredient called Love
transforms what is not known into a treasure of assurance.
We are here to create and experience the truth of ourselves
as the essence of Spirit rising from inside.

Unfaltering desire to touch Universal Oneness
opens the connection within us.

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey’s career as a visual artist/poet spans over four decades. Her poetry often inspires a new painting and sometimes it even becomes imbedded in her mixed-media art. Whether poetry or painting, she works from a state of quiet receptivity allowing heart and hand to move of their own accord. Without preconceptions Michael trusts in the direction that inspiration provides. “I paint and write for the joy of discovering the endless forms that creative energy can assume - in me and on the paper in front of me.”michael bailey logo. You can follow Michael on her website or on Facebook.

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