It’s the Little Things

Recently I was listening to a story of how a couple met. She was friends with a photographer who invited her to join him at a bar mitzvah. She didn’t know the host or any of the guests, but decided to join her friend to keep him company as he worked the event. Turns out that she met her future husband at that bar mitzvah.

That’s more than just a great “how we met” story. It solidifies my belief that the little things really do matter. Had this woman decided that she had better things to do with her evening than attend a bar mitzvah with a bunch of strangers, the entire trajectory of her life would be different.

Little things like this are true in my life as well. The summer between my junior and senior year in college, I realized that I was a year away from graduation and had never worked in an office. I didn’t even know how to fax! (Yes, it was the late 90s!). I decided to quit my retail management job and do office temp work for the summer so that I was prepared when I graduated college. Not only did that 1 decision lead to my first full-time job out of college, it’s the place I met one of my very best friends and the man who would become my husband 9 years later. Through that job I also met a client who introduced me to her daughter, who is another of my best friends, and who I later fixed up with her now husband! That 1 decision to spend the summer of 1998 doing temp work led to 2 marriages, 1 kid, and decades of love and laughter.

It’s pretty crazy when you look at life that way. Every little decision has an impact. Every little change makes a difference. Step out of the day-to-day grind and consider the miracle that we all exist at this exact moment in time, with each other, in this place. Can you see all the little things that matter?

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