It’s Love. It’s that Simple.

Post by Allie Sheetz for the Love for Love series.

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I have this friend, one of my best. My best supporter. My best comfort. My best travel companion. My best sound board. She meets me where I am, in every moment, free of judgment and free of manipulation. She joins me at every meal, every day of the week. She gets me. And I get her. I can rest in her company, knowing I don’t need to change a single thing about myself or make myself appear any more perfect than I already am in her eyes.

I talk to her all day long. …And she has never said a single word to me. Well, nothing you could ever hear if you were in the room with us.

She’s a dog.

But I hear her. I understand her. And I strive each day to provide her with everything she gives to me and more.

But how can this be? How can it be that one of the most precious and treasured relationships in my life exists without any exchange of words?
How can this unbreakable bond of unconditional love and understanding be formed between two beings who don’t even share the same language, let alone genome?

Because it’s love. It’s that simple.

Love exists beyond the world of sound and syllable, beyond the structure and codes of DNA, beyond the lines carved out by man distinguishing man from beast, man from woman, man from man.

I’m not a mother; I’ve never experienced the incomparable love between mother and child. Maybe that’s why I’m the slightest bit amazed by the realization that such a love exists. But at the same time, not surprised at all. It’s as though I’m in complete awe, and at the same time saying “Of course, Dear One, how could it be any other way?”

And how miraculous. How refreshing. How satisfying to know and to feel deep in your bones, that love can be found anywhere and everywhere – that you don’t have to walk to the ends of the earth or scour the Internet to experience the indescribable joy of loving and being loved.

While humans have insane cognitive and intellectual abilities, an animal’s senses and perceptual faculties are far more expanded than most people. They are in tune with the unseen realm of spirit and angelic presence, which help them to see through the energies of darkness, fear and judgment that are capable of masking a person’s vision.

Animals see through the fears and insecurities that pollute our hearts and minds with a vision crystal clear; peering into the core of our hearts with a crystalline energy that resonates with the highest frequencies of love and joy.

I’m convinced that’s why they bring such joy to our lives; why, without word or reason, they lift us up from wherever we may be standing or kneeling or curled up bawling, and deliver us to a loving power beyond cognition.

One of my favorite quotes about grace is
“I do not understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us” – Anne Lamott
And that’s how I see the beauty and gift of animals. Grace made manifest.

Allie is the heart & creator behind Allie’s Grandola, specializing in the fine art of oats & nuts. She sells her handmade, gluten-free and vegan granola at
In her free time, she blogs over at her tumblr, Detached and Connected, where she shares her journey of dreaming big and letting go…. along with a tasty recipe or two. Her deep love and compassion for animals are evident in her cruelty-free recipes and vegan lifestyle.


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