It’s all part of the process

Post by Laura Summers for the Love for Love series.

Late Fall reflection by Ron Reiring on Flickr

Fall has always been my favorite season for all the obvious reasons; my birthday, Halloween, fuzzy socks and woolly sweaters. I’m happiest with the window open, snuggled under a blanket with a book. Oh! – and the deep orange, red, and ochre leaves that pile on the ground and crunch under my feet.

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Weather-wise, it is a winter wonderland for the better part of the year (or it feels that way by February anyway). Sometimes we go from winter to summer with very little transition and we lose the very important spring and fall seasons. I always feel cheated out of fall when that happens. I have always felt uniquely connected to the transitional properties of fall. It is the time I feel intuitively withdrawn. I spend more time with the introverted parts of my personality. Physically and mentally, I slow down – way down. I read more. I write more. I work to create safe and comforting spaces for myself both outside of and within myself. Fall is the time of year I feel most like myself.

Preparing for the coming year, I reflect on the days gone by. Doing this keeps me grounded. Just as the leaves are changing, I am changing. I feel the girl of the past shedding parts of her former self to make room for new growth in the spring. In allowing my bare branches to show, I practice vulnerability. This process is necessary, and completely natural.

As November creeps up on us, the air gets crisp and the dark comes early. As winter approaches it can feel like loss. It can feel like a gradual sadness settling in. The challenge is to embrace the opportunity we get to hibernate.

Go to bed early.

Sleep late.

Layer clothing and stay warm.

Slow the pace of your life.



When you emerge in spring, having shed your winter coat, you’ll realize the change in seasons is all part of the process.

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