It Takes Time

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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It Takes Time

You. In the corner. Of the room. Of your mind.

You, who are wondering if anyone is paying attention. If anyone sees you.

If it will ever all work out. ?You, yes, you. I see you.

I know the frantic thoughts about belonging. Finding your community. Creating it. ?I know the wanting to belong. To feel apart of. ?I know the desire to lead. To guide. To provide a space.

Here’s what I know about creating and being in community…show up. Over and over. When you do, be loving. Be kind. Be humble and gracious. Most of all, be patient. It takes time.

When you walk into something new, whether it’s been buzzing on its own for a while or you’re making it from scratch, it is easy to get overwhelmed. It’s big and you want it now. Your job though, is to show up. As much as you can. As fully in your heart and soul as possible. The more you show up, the deeper you will integrate into the whole. It takes time. For people to see. To know. To feel out who you are. It takes time to commit. To participate. To be actively engaged. It just takes time.

I know, I have wanted it all at once. Wanted to walk into a new place and have it all feel like home. Or for people to pay perfect attention to what I was doing the very moment I began doing it. When it didn’t happen, stories would come. Stories about not being good enough. Not doing it right. Being too shy. Or too big. Or too something that was stopping people from seeing me right now. I could look around and see communities thriving. See people, old friends it looked like from my skewed vantage point, connect and revel. See people lead…their work praised. People falling over themselves to hop on board. And there I was, comparing myself to folks who had long been showing up. Me, the brand new one in the room, hoping that I could skip the steps, so I could belong just as I wanted to be.

There are moments where steps are skipped. Times when people get to jump ahead of the line. Or maybe not. Maybe that is just how it seems from the outside looking in. Because most of the time, there is a space. A lag between showing up and The Universe meeting us. That time can be where we run and hide. Or it can be where we refine and shine. It is really up to you.

I’ve been dancing, with the same amazing collective for a few months now. It’s a community, through and through. The first week I was a novelty. After that I was per the story in my head. I looked around as everyone one moved with each other. Hugs. Smiles. Silent messages communicated as they let the music move them. There I was. Showing up week after week. Wanting to feel apart of. Wanting to be recognized, seen. But not quite there yet. So I kept going. Because the experience was important. I shared. I put myself all in. I showed up. Because I know that time must be taken. And then one day, there I was. In it. Really. Smiles. Hugs. Community. It takes time. I’ve seen it again and again. From showing up on Facebook. To sharing my writing. To my work conjuring people’s most amazing human experience. It all just took me coming back again and again. The willingness to be seen. To connect. To love. It all just took time.

I’m Jo Anna. Jo Anna Rothman, MA if you are being fancy. I’m a Wizardess of love. Mistress of change. Conjurer of Electric Creative Wholeness.

I am here to invite and inspire you to live the best human experience ever. I connect folks to their soul, their purpose, their absolute and amazing joy. I coach. I write. I facilitate the amazing Receiving Project.  Most of all, I have a damn good time!

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