It all begins with wonder

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

If we never wonder, we never learn. Without wonder, we never would have landed on the moon or built planes that take us to far away lands.

Wonder is a powerful tool in our every day life, even if you’re not trying to land on the moon! Wonder is a quick mood changer, a way to move through fear and the key to unhooking from that inner critic voice. You know the one…the one who tries so hard to keep us small. She usually sounds mean, repetitive and certain…until she meets wonder.

My inner critic voice tries to tell me that people won’t like what I have to say, that my work isn’t good enough and that I have no business helping others, writing a book, etc., etc., etc. She’s really good at trying to keep me small, and she sounds pretty certain. If I’m not careful, I could end up believing her.

What I know, is that she is not my truth. She is a very old voice that’s trying to make sure I don’t get hurt, rejected or scared…and she can’t survive wonder. By questioning her and shifting into curiosity, I’m able to learn new things. I’m able to take risks, put myself out there and move through fear.

I wonder how wonder has helped you learn? I wonder where you’ve used wonder in your own life? Let me know, loves. It all begins with wonder.


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