Intuition in business

Post by Natalia Chouklina for the Kindness in Business series.

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What does intuition have to do with running a business?

What do Danielle LaPorte, Steve Jobs, Wayne Dyer and Gabrielle Burnstein have in common?

All of them attribute at least some of their success to doing what felt right to them and listening to their intuition, even though they were often advised against doing that.

Bernstein wrote about it in her book Spirit Junkie; Dyer spoke about this in his movie the Shift; Jobs made that famous Stanford speech; and LaPorte, well, she talks about it all the time!

Here’s what happens with many, myself included, entrepreneurs – we know that intuition is a valuable tool in life; however, when it comes to businesses we say: What intuition? My ass is on the line and I’m not to be trusted with handling of my own ass.

We turn to the experts, humans just like us who say or seem to know what they are doing for solutions and roadmaps. We listen to the advice even if it doesn’t sound right and we implement the strategies even though they don’t feel good in our tummies.

The long-term cost of this approach is a feeling burn out, detachment from your own creation and sleepless nights spent contemplating quitting.

So, what does intuition have to do with running a business? Yep, almost everything.

In this short video (only 7 mins!) I share a 4-step process called ‘Amplify Your Biz Voice’ to help you integrate your intuitive guidance in your business in a safe, meaningful and sustainable ways!

What next?

In the comments, share what gut feelings and intuitive guidance how have you been resisting in your business and what small steps are you going to experiment with this week? If you’ve been listening to your gut… great! Share this too!

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