An Introvert’s Guide to Being More Social and Spreading Your Kindness Around

Being an introvert is often considered a weakness these days. People are ashamed of the fact that they can’t freely talk to anyone or form connections quickly, like everyone else. That becomes a barrier to being themselves.

I am an introvert and it took me a long time to realize that this is one of the many things that makes me unique. I wasn’t happy with the person I was becoming because I was trying to please others, even if they weren’t people with good souls who deserved it. Somewhere on the way, I left my kindness behind and stopped paying attention to my spiritual and mental well-being. And, of course, that led to not being mindful, peaceful or happy.

It was time to make a change. Every introvert out there should spread their kindness without expecting anything. Once they do, they will become more social beings without any pressure.

If you also are struggling with this, here are some practices that helped me embrace my true nature and make the most of it:

  1. Be kind to yourself first

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

Kindness is a universal language. With so much negativity out there, it’s the job of the individual to find a way to be kind above anything else that is going on. The benefits can be felt only after that process of sending good vibes has begun.

However, most people skip the key step – being kind to themselves first. This means practicing self-love, understanding and self-awareness.

Here are some things I’ve found quite helpful on my journey:

  • Complimenting yourself daily
  • Giving yourself credit more often
  • Letting go of the mistakes you’ve made
  • Forgiving yourself
  • Having some ‘me’ time every day
  • Doing things we enjoy
  • Slowing down
  • Balancing your mind

Once you learn how to show kindness to yourself, you’ll easily do it when other people are around. This will also help your social life. When people feel good vibes from someone, they open up, give them a chance and respond with positivity.

  1. Show empathy

Introverts are observers by nature. They spend quite a lot of time in their heads, but they can also see what others remain blind to such as the struggles of a person who seems to be doing okay in life.

While other people who have that information would neglect it or use it against that person, introverts will show empathy. That’s one of our best qualities.

It doesn’t mean you should give people life advice or hug everyone who seems to be in pain. It just means that you can show understanding and send a smile their way. Sometimes this is all people need on a bad day.

  1. Keep being a great listener

Introverts are good at listening – not just being there and pretending to listen, but actually being present, savoring anything the other person is saying, internalizing it and responding only when you have something relevant to say.

However, if you push it you could end up being distracted, not listening actively and trying to speak up just because its expected. That’s not mindful communication.

Instead, take your listening skills to the next level. It’s something you enjoy and everyone wants to find someone to listen to their stories and problems. The act of listening itself is a solution for some people’s issues.

  1. Develop your spirituality

Introverted people are more spiritual. They like being alone, can raise their energy with good thoughts, like to contemplate and do slow activities such as reading or writing. It’s possible that you neglected this aspect of your life for a while in your desire to be more social. Don’t make that mistake as it can cost you a lot in the future.

As a spiritual being, you need to feed your soul and mind with the right things like special rituals, relaxing activities, creating hobbies, solitude, etc.

You can do that by meditating every morning, journaling your thoughts, spending time in nature, taking care of yourself and more. By dedicating some of your time to such pleasant and meaningful activities, the kindness within you will shine even more. When you’re interacting with people they will feel that and engage in conversations with you more often.

These practices will improve everything you do and how you do it. A better social life is just one item on the list, but expect more peace and focus, clarity and awareness, harmony and happiness to enter your life every day.

Life is a beautiful journey and so is meeting new people and connecting with them, making friends, forming relationships and getting to know each other. However, you need to be yourself at all times when in public so people can get to know the real you – the kind soul within that you don’t always show because you wonder whether others might like it or not.

Don’t do that to yourself anymore. Welcome gratitude, mindfulness and kindness to your mind and life and see how everything else falls into place.

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