Your intentional presence helps heal the world

This is a short article because I only have one point to make this time…YOU!

Have you taken time to recognize how amazing and wonderful you are? I mean really and truly looked deep within yourself to see the magnitude of beauty that was divinely designed in you. Man, woman, young, old, no matter where you are from; you are splendid. You are magnificent. You are wondrous.

No fluff, no smoke blowing, you are awesome. THAT is the KINDEST, most powerful gift you’ll ever share with the world – YOU!

Next time you need a reminder, stand in front of the mirror and take a deep look in your own eyes. Really look and see the magnificence staring back. 🙂

Jasmine is a Speaker, Life Strategist/Coach & Author with a background of 18+ years in Health & Wellness. Her professional experience includes in-home rehab, fitness training, massage therapy, life coaching, spiritual coaching & counseling. She shares her wisdom, experience and eclectic musings on her blogtalk radio show, facebook live videos and in her HealingOne Newsletter. Get connected:

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