In Praise of Women

Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

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For years, I had serious trust and intimacy issues with women, and my relationships with them were incredibly challenging. These beliefs were deeply rooted and mostly unconscious, but seemingly confirmed at most every turn. And yet…and then…I began a boutique personal training company that catered exclusively to women. And, oh…the lessons I learned.

We women are such wondrous creatures, and here’s what my clients (now friends) and business associates (now friends) have taught me about friendship, love and myself:

~ You’re not crazy no matter what your hormones may tell you. (No man will tell you this!)
~ Every woman, no matter how beautiful, has body issues.
~ There’s a whole lot less judgment about each other than we believe.
~ Women are incredibly generous with their time and resources.
~ Our deepest secrets are not so awful.
~ Our deepest fears are not so dark when shared.
~ Those that seem to have it all also have their fair share of crappola.
~ Growing older is to be celebrated and the best truly is yet to come.
~ We are only as alone as we choose to be.
~ True boundaries are set with love, both for yourself and others.
~ It’s okay to be who you are and where you are, no matter what that looks like.
~ When you reach out with honestly and love, you get it right back.

I am forever grateful that the Universe brings you to the exact place in life that you are supposed to be, and grateful that I have beautiful women to share it with.

To healthy and happy,

Lynn DeVasto is the owner of Live and Love Your Life, which helps you deal with the trifecta of Food, Fitness and Feelings. She has taken her experience of losing 90 pounds and her certifications in Personal Training, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Sports Nutrition and Barre to create a premium coaching experience. This allows you manage your health in a way that works for you instead of against you. Click HERE to get her juicy tips to Live and Love Your Life!

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