in my head

illustration by Kristin Noelle

I think this week’s illustration might have to become my new desktop background! The revolution is ALWAYS in our head, right? At least for me, it is…

How hard it is to lay down those old stories in our heads. They really like to hold on tight, and they sure do try to prevent the new (true!), enlivening stories from taking hold.

One of the big stories that I’m working on letting go of (and seriously, people, Kristin is IN MY HEAD these past few weeks!), is the story of success. What does success REALLY mean to me?

The story goes something like this…

Hey, you’ve got a good job. You make great money. That must mean you’re successful, right? Right?



There’s more to success than a good job and money. Right?


So, how do I define success for Lara? What’s my new story?

My new story involved a couple of years of trying to figure out “what else” and “what’s next”. When it all started falling into place, I suddenly had a much clearer idea of what success for ME looks like.

Success means doing something for the world. Leaving a mark in some way. It also means more freedom and living life on my terms. It’s tied pretty closely to happiness, and I’m lucky that I have a lot of happiness in my life already.

The old story still shows up. Quite a bit, in fact, but I now know it has something to teach me. Learning to lay it down, and really embrace my new (true!), enlivening story, is SO worthwhile.

?, Lara

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