In the Eyes of the Beholder

Creating, building and forming an existence
Trying to muddle through with least resistance
To be one’s self, it is said to be authentic and you
Knowing what I know now, that is not all what you do

Not everyone is going to take you for granted
And not everyone will keep getting chances
And the exceptions you make with certain others
Will show their bewilderment as to what is discovered

In this life, all are given a fair and just chance
There are those that take it for all they can and dance
And then there are some who seem to not quite figure it out
And are left wondering what this life is really all about?

I am not perfect, nor do I do everything right
But I am not going to engage in every single fight
I know and own along the way I have made mistakes
Battle wounds and scars that show I have the courage it will take.

As a Doctor of Metaphysics and ordained minister. Renee Avard is an eclectic Spiritualist with focus on Earth-Based Spirituality. Known as the “Unique-tivity Guide,” she assists others as they embark on their own journey of awakening and enlightenment. Renee also has many areas of unparalleled knowledge, and this business was created to be a customized Holistic and Spiritual endeavor assisting in bringing out the unique and creative side each person already has inside them. As a Guide, she is also a Crystal Therapist and an expert in Oracle and Angel card readings and intuitive guidance sessions. Forever learning, Renee is both a student and a Guide here to show all how to allow your Star inside to lighten Life outside through various modalities, she imparts the wisdom needed for everyone to know and accept that we are ALL worth catching.
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