in the between space :: care for your sacred soul

Post by Suzanne L. Vinson for the Kind Kindred series.

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in the between space :: care for your sacred soul

hello, lovely one. we are on a sacred journey. today we’re leaning into our truth. we’re befriending our inner critics. we’re making space to create. we are abandoning shame, regret, and negativity and jumping into love, wholeness, and abundance with both feet. we’re doing a lot. all of the time. sometimes we don’t know how we do all that we do. we’re busy. we’re so, so busy.

so let’s pause, taking a moment together to slow down. to read each word a second slower. let’s draw in a deep breath. hold it. release it. give thanks for that breath. whatever else you need to do to in this moment, the to-do list can wait. you’re here. you’re in the between space. between washing and putting away. between your last task and the next.

you’re invited to pause. to grab your mug. to light your candle. sink into your goodess, letting the warmth bubble around you like a warm soak. be still. breathing deeply, leaning into your truth in this moment. know that you are an amazing gift to the world. may the world bring goodness and warmth and love and beauty in response.

there are times where leaning into our truth, we see beauty in its messiest forms. other times we lean into difficult truths. we stretch and grow and experience strength we carry within. strength that surrounds us. life is meant to be a beautiful, messy space. we’re in the creative chaos of it. kind. joyful. brave. resilient. colorful. heart breaking. life making. all of it is there in our bowl. life shares so much without apology.

these days i’m finding life and beauty in the between spaces. in the between spaces the gifts emerge when my eyes are wide open, with awareness and gratitude. i feel my self emerging from hibernation slowly. i catch sight of bright gold daffodils blooming in the space between a rod iron fence and a bright blue brick wall. i look down to fantastic mismatched socks on my son’s feet as he dances in the room in the barely-there space between piles and piles of legos. i glimpse goodness magnified as i witness two women sharing their hearts and tears and heal each other in the space between breathing in and breathing out. the spaces of my heart sing and my eyes speak with tears.

some days truth means that we feel the collective sadness or joy that exists in the world around us. and on those days we especially need to pause in the between spaces for a bit of soul care. we need those spaces to breathe in what we most need and breathe out what we carry that we no longer wish to carry. aware, we lean into our spaces of truth and embrace the world around us, fully present to the world, and fully present to our selves.

so i’ll meet you there in the between spaces. where rest and healing reside. where acts of kindness are dreamed, created, and shared. sometimes the act of kindness we need most is the bold, kind, loving moment where we care for our sacred soul so we’re better prepared for what lies in the next moment. may you find exactly what you need in each breath. may you know a sacred pause where you can care for your sacred soul. and then you’ll know. you’ll know. and you’ll catch sight in the between spaces.

suzanne l. vinson lives a creative life as an artist, mother, ordained minister, and retreat leader. her work has been called creative yoga for the soul. the art she creates is her soul care. she travels to lead retreats and hosts monthly gatherings, rituals, and celebrations in her art+spirit studio. find her on her site and shop.


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