I’m Moving to the Moon

I made an important decision
A week ago
To move to the moon.

It was surprising but not unexpected,
Given the alternatives.

My schedule experienced problems
Right away.

The grass wanted to know how I would visit.

The crow was irritated
Rather generally.

The cockroach Tsk’ed softly at my stamina.

Embarrassed, I looked behind me and around for my reflection.

I had thought I was being given weapons of war so my battle cry should win the day!

In shock I saw my armory and cried the error of my ways.

I have learned to Listen to be a Listener.

I have learned to Feel to be a Feeler.

I have become more sensitive to Sense.

I know now, what the wind was saying.
I have been given so much so I can put my armor down.

I must do the harder thing. I must
In the face of battle.

For those who cannot without being exposed –
I must conjure the vision of what can come with what’s inside of me.

This delicate dance of Listening and Feeling is so much harder than Battle
for me.

But I know my fingers and ears and heart can do.

I’m not moving to the Moon
Any more.
But She and I will talk more.
That is what they say.


Steph left an over-achieving career supporting the US military after eleven years and eleven days to follow the call to become a coach and spiritual teacher. She helps entrepreneurs make sales sacred and craft their natural marketing method.

You can connect with Steph and see more of her writing on her website or on Instagram.

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