if you had just one shot

Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

original oil painting by mercervernon on Etsy

Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted in one moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

These inspirational words come from my favorite rapper, Eminem.

Go figure.

I tend to be a wanderer, as in…I just wander aimlessly very well. Kind of like my love of sofa sitting! Fortunately, life does not allow me to wander or sit very often. I have people to see, things to do! So, when I find myself letting opportunities slip by, and watching moments turn into hours and days, I know it’s time to get hyper focused. You may be surprised to hear me say this, as I usually talk about moderation and taking your time and doing things your way. Yes, but…

There are times when the best thing to do for yourself is to snap out of your self imposed funk. I recently had to do this myself. Over the holidays, I realized I had gained some weight. Unfortunately, this was not due to fun and frivolity, but because of a family situation…but I’m sure you all understand that kind of stuff, right (said with much hopefulness that there is no judgment!)? Anyway, a few months ago, I got better about my eating and exercise – so I thought. I decided I had lost weight and was so proud of myself. Until I went to put on my jeans, ummm, perhaps they shrunk in the dryer? Out came the scale, and well, it agreed with the jeans. As a personal trainer and a wellness coach, I had not only NOT lost any weight, I had gained. Isn’t that how it always happens? Brilliant stuff, there. Lots of profanity and taking the Lord’s name in vain, and many internal WTF rantings. And then, I decided.

I decided to:

~ practice what I preach
~ food journal
~ be aware
~ not phone in my workouts
~ eat a little humble pie and admit that I’m not perfect
~ eat clean
~ prepare my foods in advance so I have no excuse to eat on the go
~ plan, plan, plan

I am treating this like it is my one shot. My one opportunity. My one moment. I realized that my health has to be and is that important to me. I won’t let it slip. Thank you, Slim Shady.

To healthy and happy,


Lynn DeVasto is the owner of Live and Love Your Life, which helps you deal with the trifecta of Food, Fitness and Feelings. She has taken her experience of losing 90 pounds and her certifications in Personal Training, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Sports Nutrition and Barre to create a premium coaching experience. This allows you manage your health in a way that works for you instead of against you. Click HERE to get her juicy tips to Live and Love Your Life!

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