If I Just

How many times have you heard that phrase? If I just…master (insert skill set) my troubles will be over, my life will be better, my fortunes will improve. How many times have you USED that phrase? If I just…lose ten pounds, get better at public speaking, hire the right person. If I just, if I just…

Please be kind to yourself and stop. Right now! “If I just” is not helping you. It is not changing you. In fact, “If I just” will never do anything for you or your business.

Instead, think about the following two things. Better yet, DO the following two things. They WILL make a difference – A HUGE difference.

Be a hero to your customers!

If you want more customers, forget about yourself and appeal to your prospects. Let me be your prospect for a moment.

Talk to ME. I don’t care about YOU, I care about how YOU can solve my problem. Tell me in a captivating way please, what pain point you solve or big benefit I get by coming to you. 

Now that you have my attention, give me three more benefits about your offering. Then tell me about your qualifications (not your education) – your years of successful outcomes and vast or diverse experience. Toss in some real testimonials. And finish with a fun or quirky fact about you and maybe why you got into this business. End with a call to action. That is it.

Now, if you did your job right, you will have captured and held my attention and then prodded me to either pick up the phone or message you. The bottom line is you did NOT waste my time. You told me exactly what I needed to know and you did not try to over-sell me. We both win and you are a hero – to ME.

Be an Olympian – the Best!

When you want to be the best, you don’t start with the mentality of being better than everyone else. You start with the mentality of being the best. Period.

Start every day by telling yourself you are the BEST. Look yourself in the mirror and proclaim loudly, “YOU are the Best.”

How do the best think? The best thinks memorably. The best makes an impression. The best makes their customers so flipping happy they don’t even think of anything else. The best knows that delighting customers every single day is the name of the game. The best knows in their heart of hearts that everyone else’s maximum is their minimum.

The best never keeps tabs or scores on who out plays or out foxes who. The best puts everyone else first and him or herself second – just because it is the right thing to do.

The best rarely asks for public adoration yet always publicly praises others.

The best is humble and honest and truthful and consistent, always over delivers and always works its tail off to be outstanding!

Being the best takes the long game. The best knows it is a lonely road and NOT for everyone.

Now please, turn all thoughts of “If I just” into “I AM.”

To your success!

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