i like hotels

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i like hotels | John Dorsey

i like hotels
because you can read hamlet
under a jesus nitelight
screaming about betrayal
while eating powdered donuts
sipping black coffee
listening to phantom sounds of miles davis
on a busted turntable
or dream about mermaids
dishing out soup
in 1930’s oklahoma
smoldering under the very sun
that would do in john steinbeck
or fanciful thoughts of ruby slippers
that never seem to fit
on a honeymoon
in modesto
touring the boone’s farm winery
forgetting all about wanting
to stomp grapes with mae west
in boneyard alleys
you can forget about that
i like hotels because the dreams have vacancies
the kind that don’t ask questions

John Dorsey is the author of several collections of poetry including “harvey keitel, harvey keitel, harvey keitel” Butcher Shop Press/Rose of Sharon Press/Temple of Man, 2005. He may be reached at: archerevans@yahoo.com


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