I don’t want to close my eyes

Once the stars took a breath in,
it became evident the moon had been
too busy with rising to appreciate
all of their beauty and mysticism.
It was much the same way with the
weather when the rain would harbor
a seeded jealousy for the sun, but
the sun would be bitter and scorched
when there was no water. Being
filled with the passion of wanting
to never miss a thing, not
wanting to disappoint,
it creates a heat in me comparable
to a Texas summer. And that meant
feeling as though the heat would
lay down on top of you, the weight
almost suffocating, and there is not
a lot you can do to stop the hellish
heat. Tonight, the moon rose at dusk,
and nature stood still as the sun
remained out as well, even if only
for a few minutes. Compromises are
possible, it would seem. Do you hear
that? That is the sound of the
air conditioning coming on.

Published writer & ‘Unique-tivity Guide’, Renee Avard-Furlow runs a successful site where she shares her writings & reflections, offers spiritually-based services and shares ‘Magic Musepirations’ monthly. 

She currently has two short eBooks available on Amazon, with more planned & is writing her poetic memoir, due out in late 2015.

She can be found at: www.reneeavardfurlow.com, on Facebook  and Twitter.

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