I Believe

Guest post by Jo Anna Rothman.

I Believe

I believe in the goodness. The goodness that lies in the heart of most. The good that radiates, even if chaos and pain are shattering through their lives. I believe that people want to act with love. Want bring a smile. I believe that most folks desire connection, joy and the opportunity to be of service.

I believe that people forget. Forget that they are love. Beauty. Absolute preciousness and that everyone else is too. I believe that people fall into the trap of illusion…thinking that they need to do more and more to be worthy. To be seen. To be loved. I believe that worth is inherent to existence. That doing is wonderful, but proves nothing about who we are.

I believe that sometimes things suck. Hard. Times can be rough. Tough. Challenging to the core. I believe in our ability to learn. To grow. To re-create the chaos into something magnificent. I believe in my responsibility to create my life. I don’t believe in blame. I believe I can look at what keeps showing up and fine tune my process, so that the crap filters away. I believe we are magnificent creators, often manifesting with our eyes closed and our intentions garbled.

I believe in humanity. In divinity. In the mighty blending of the two. I believe in god. God. The Universe. I believe that the yearning to fill the holes in our hearts is really a yearning to feel the wholeness that is the truth of it all. I believe the ego gets a bad rap. It’s the eye. The I. It is the human experience the divine being is having. It is not designed for perfection. I believe that self-forgiveness is the key to coming back round to center.

I believe in love. In friendship. In magic and miracles. In surprises. I believe in Santa Claus. The tooth fairy. Ghosts. Genies in bottles. I believe in wishing on stars. In fountains. On eyelashes. I believe that there are things I will never know. I believe I’ll be okay with that.

I believe in goals. In dreaming. In strategy. I believe in wishing up wild ways of being. I believe in the power of desire. I believe that we really can create all the love, prosperity, health, creativity and adventure we want. I believe that taking action is the best way to get stuff done. I believe that rest is powerful and doing nothing is an art.

I believe that the best things lay beyond the world of words and logic. They are to be experienced rather than spoken of and dissected. Elvis, mystical experiences, Twin Peaks and Van Gogh fall into that realm. I believe that those moments calls us present. We have the experience of all being whole and then coming separate again so that we can be who we are this go around. I believe that all is sacred, no matter what. That joy lies at the heart. That pleasure, love and laughter are the purpose. It is the whole, the beauty, the way. It is. I believe I am. I believe you are too.

What do you believe?

Jo Anna Rothman, MA is an intuitive coach and facilitator of The Receiving Project. She revels in assisting people in falling in love with their lives. She is committed to living a life full of pleasure, purpose and enthusiasm. And perhaps most important, she knows the secret to the perfect s’more.

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