The I Am Beautiful Project

The I Am Beautiful Project

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What Amy Spanos, the group’s founder, says about the project:

I was asked to make a video for self-harm awareness day on the 1st of March, and I thought about what to do, and then decided where better to do it then here on Flickr with the most creative, beautiful, inspiring minds out there. One in ten people have harmed by the age of sixteen and approximately three teenagers self injure every hour in the UK, mainly because they don’t feel like they’re enough. I want you to all know you are, you are all beautiful as you are, and you have something no one else ever can, and that’s you.

But instead of boring you all with more statistics I will tell you about the project. I started a project last year called The Around The World Project, where I found out loads of fun facts about your countries. But in this project I want to find out more about you, the people of Flickr. I want your photos to represent you as people, if you’re silly wear a funny wig or glasses, if you’re crazy cover yourself in paint, if you love cats let your pets join you in your photo. I want it to represent your personality completely, be as crazy and imaginative as you like. Like The Around The World Project, I would like written in the photo (on paper or on your body or wherever) the words “I am Beautiful” because you all are so damn beautiful!

She will be making a video soon including the photos! You are an inspiration Amy, thank you!

photo credits clockwise : Madison Mc :: Amy Geliebter :: Eduardo Acierno :: Amy Spanos :: Marcie Johnson :: Tyreke White :: Joel (aka Boy Wonder) ::


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