How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself

“At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” – Plato

Some people believe that love is the greatest emotion; that it’s like a cough; unapologetically loud, often transferable and as much as you would love to – you can’t hide it.

For the longest time letters have been used as a primary medium to express love. Love letters are intimate, personal, well thought out and are often fueled by pure emotions. The recipients of love letters are always our loved ones: friends, partners and family members. But what if you wrote a love letter to yourself? Plot twist, right?

It may seem odd and exhibiting characteristics of narcissism; but writing a love letter to yourself is powerful. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself today. Just imagine writing a romantic letter, punctuated with love and filled with all the soothing phrases you’d love to listen to – all addressed to yourself. It would be beautiful; but why would you do that?

Why Should You Write Yourself a Love Letter?

  • To give attention to yourself

Our daily routine is always filled with people. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, we are always striving for attention from other people. We want the approval of those we love. We want those we dislike to see that we are progressing in life. We get so consumed in this struggle that we forget to give attention to ourselves, which is very sad.

In the end, we always have ourselves. We spend most of our time alone, with our thoughts and troubles. After a stressing presentation at work we find ourselves at home alone. Even after checking the progress of a relative in the hospital, it all ends up with you being alone at home.

Writing yourself a love letter gives you the chance to pay attention to your feelings, accomplishments and needs. It helps you relax and realize that you can’t be a superhero to everyone but you should be proud of who you are.

  • Highlight your relationship

The best moments with our loved ones are always treasured. The highlights of our relationship with people are mostly captured in multiple photographs, and in entries in personal journals. But do we do that about the relationship with ourselves?

We need to write love letters to ourselves to highlight the essential parts of our lives. By writing it, we document the blissful occurrences that happen within ourselves. This act will help us pour love into ourselves and go a long way in reminding ourselves that we matter.

  • It is healthy

Writing yourself a love letter stimulates important parts of the brain. It helps you improve your views on life. You lead a more vibrant and less stressful life when your views on life are positive. A less stressful life is safer from diseases linked with stress.

Appreciating yourself by writing a love letter assures you that you are enough. In this case, it helps to deal with mental health issues that may result in thinking that you’re not sufficient.

Now that you have enough reasons to write yourself a love letter, how can you write it?

How to Write a Love Letter to Yourself 

  • Go the old-school way

A letter is more phenomenal when written on paper in a person’s own handwriting. It is the old-school way of doing it; but it was epoch when love letters flew in envelopes across the world, long before electronic means took over.

To write yourself a love letter, get a paper and a preferred writing utensil. The choice of paper can vary from decorated writing pads to a plain paper. Whatever your choice, be comfortable with what you’re writing on.

Once you have your writing materials, be sure to switch off all devices that may distract you. Have your phone in silent mode, switch off WiFi and ensure that your environment is serene and devoid of any interruptions.

If you prefer to type it on your laptop, ensure that all notifications are turned off. You don’t want anything to distract you when writing this beautiful love letter to yourself. Once all factors are favorable, begin writing your love letter.

  • Use a cute salutation

Everyone has a nickname that makes them feel special whenever someone uses it. These pet names are usually given by people whom we regard highly in our lives.

When writing your love letter, begin it by using a pet name you love the most. It will set the mood of the letter to happy and jovial. You will be treating yourself from the point of self-importance, an angle where you feel that you’re unique.

  • Begin with a treasured memory

As you begin writing your love letter, remind yourself of a treasured memory. It may be when you received the warmest hug. It could be when you first led your baseball team to victory or an academic achievement you’re proud of.

Write the memory with a keen eye for details. Capture all the intricacies with vivid descriptions, an overflow of emotions and impeccable prose. Write it with utmost passion and dedication so that the goosebumps you felt come alive again.

  • Don’t think, write

After the introductory paragraph, your intent should now be to write the love letter.

Before delving into love, encourage yourself first. Tell yourself that whatever storms you are having, like all storms, they are going to pass. Comfort yourself that after the storm the view of the sun rising from the horizon is always a spectacular view.

After having the assurance that all you’re going through will end and you’ll emerge victoriously, delve into an epic declaration of love.

Write down all the random things you love about yourself. If you have dimples, write that your dimples are the prettiest on earth. Put down all the compliments you’ve been told about any of your features. Explain why you think you are attractive and why you are so proud to be you.

Write explicitly about your hobbies. Explain why you love reading philosophical books when traveling or why you take a whole hour preparing a shower playlist. Write about the little cute things you do that nobody knows of. Write about the attributes you love about yourself and appreciate your flaws. Write it in a way you would to a special person. Write everything, for you deserve all of it!

  • Admiral closing

As you near the end of your love letter, guarantee yourself that things will be better. Assure yourself that you are a better person for having written yourself a love letter.

Here you can remind yourself of the lowest moments of your life. You can write what you have been holding on to for the longest time. It will help you unwind as you conclude your love letter.

As you close, sweep away all doubts and insecurities. Sign it off with an admiration closing, There – you have written a love letter to yourself.

This is a simple exercise with few complications. Once you are done, fold the letter and put it at a special place. It will always be a reminder of how special you are and that you have so much love within you. What are you waiting for? Write yourself a love letter today!

Kristin Savage
Kristin Savage nourishes, sparks and empowers using the magic of a word. Along with pursuing her degree in Creative Writing, Kristin was gaining experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors. Now she works as a freelance writer at BestEssayEducation and WoWGrade. Kristin runs her own FlyWriting blog.

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