How to Use Your Values to Attract the Right Clients

Just last week my family uprooted and moved to live closer to my husband’s work. One hour down the road means new town, new climate, new adventures and new friends.

We don’t move all that often but my go-to method for making friends is to find a gym and a church. Why? Because I know I’ll automatically find people who share common interests and common values. It’s a lot easier to make friends if I don’t have to search through people that will never click.

Ideal Clients are Like Friends

Connecting with your ideal client is just like finding new friends.

Struggling to convince people you are worth hiring or that they should value your services is a long and intensive process. Not to mention it costs you lots of time and money. Reaching out to people who already love and value the same things as you saves a few steps.

Clients today want to know the creative person behind the products and services they buy. They want a connection and desire to know that you understand them and where they come from. As you draw your people closer to you and your business (i.e. by giving them an option to join your email newsletter) you’ll find more and more ideal clients ready to hire you!

Values are More than Morals

When I talk values, it’s a catch-all phrase I use to encompass a wide variety of topics. It basically means anything that is important to you, which can include:

  • lifestyle aspirations
  • skills
  • social values
  • religion
  • needs
  • hobbies
  • interests
  • style
  • life goals
  • fields of study
  • regional interests
  • political views
  • personal experience
  • family

When you post to social media or write a blog post, you define the energy radiating from your business and set the tone for your brand.

Sharing your values (remember to think in terms of the really inclusive list above) helps you establish common ground with ideal clients and draw in similarly minded souls.

Your values ultimately play like a song in the background of your client communications. People who love your beat will tap their feet and join in.

Two Types of Values Worth Sharing

When looking for values to use on social media posts or your website, you’ll find that two patterns emerge.

  1. Shared Values: These are the common values and interests you share with your ideal clients. Using stories and experiences founded on your shared values will build a strong connection your client.
  2. Complementary Values: Some of your values don’t pop up in your client’s list. However, they are the reason why people need to hire you. They value something but can’t reach it on their own. Your complementary value solves the problem and connects them to their desire.

I’ve created a worksheet to help you find your values. You can download it through the link in my bio below.

As you write out your values, the shared values will be obvious. Use shared values to build instant connection.

Then take a second look at the list and see where you can pair your values and skills with your clients’ unmet values.

For example – a prospective client might value time for self-care but can’t ever carve it out for herself. A life coach sharing complementary values can talk about her value of accountability and how she uses it in her coaching programs to hold clients accountable to their commitments (including taking time for herself).

Double Win of Value Sharing

The best thing about sharing values is it gives you a never-ending list of content ideas. If you completed the worksheet you now have a million topics you can use for blog posts and on your social media channels.

Plus, as you attract people who share your values, you’ll end up with tons of lovely clients that are a joy to work with, the kind that make you giddy and don’t steal your soul.

So get to it…and start incorporating values into your everyday business communications.

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Natalie Gowen is the brand strategist and content coach behind Moxie She loves helping passionate entrepreneurs discover their core, authentic message and teaching them how to share and connect with their ideal client. You can grab the free Values Worksheet by clicking here:

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