How to Teach Your Kids about Mindfulness

The way you raise your children has a huge impact on the kind of adults they will become. As they grow older, they’ll be influenced by other people; however, the things you teach then when they are young will always remain with them.

Carefully choose the values you teach your children. At a very early age, they determine what is right and wrong from what they see you do. Children mimic their parents; so your actions will be reflected in how they interact with their surroundings. Parenting is a noble responsibility because you are literally nurturing another life.

One of the most important values you can teach your children is mindfulness. Life comes with its ups and downs; being mindful ensures that you won’t aggravate another person’s situation. Teach your children to be kind so they don’t hurt other people’s feelings.

1. Be Mindful Yourself

The best way to teach children good values is to act in the manner you’d like them to emulate. When you act mindfully, your kids understand what you expect of them.

You have to walk the talk for your kids to pick up the good values you’re working so hard to instill in them. Parents should always be mindful because children are watching and learning subconsciously.

2. Teach Them to be Aware of Their Surroundings

Regardless of where you are, stop and help your child notice the nature of your surroundings. You can share your thoughts on how the immediate surrounding makes you feel.

When a child grows up in touch with their surroundings it becomes easy for them to stay mindful.

3. Teach the Breathing Technique

When you take the time to feel yourself breathe, you have an easier time getting in touch with your emotions. The breathing technique allows kids to feel their emotions in the purest forms. Expressing clouded emotions is a sign that your child does not know how to be mindful.

4. Introduce Mindful Eating

You are probably surprised to find out that there is such a thing as mindful eating. Have your children slow down when they’re eating. This allows them to fully enjoy their food.

5. Take Nature Walks

Enjoying nature’s beauty together with your child is the ultimate way of teaching them to be mindful. Make sure they pay attention to nature’s stillness and continuity.


These tips can help you raise a mindful child. The world is so chaotic you need to raise a child who can shut it all out and be themselves.

Natalie Crawford
Natalie Crawford is a primary teacher who also writes about parenting. She has been around kids almost all her life and has some of the best parenting pointers. She’s currently working with as a ghostwriter. She understands that parenting can be challenging so she offers pieces of advice in form of writing whenever she can.

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