How to stop resisting change

Most of us do everything we can to avoid change.  The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t, after all.

Yet deep down, you feel stuck and want things to be different…but you don’t know how…so you stay where you are, even though the door is wide open.

When you’re staring at that wide open door, and don’t know how to walk toward it, start here.

  • Are you blaming someone or something for keeping you stuck?  What would it look like to stop?  Recognize that while external circumstances play a part in your situation, you play a bigger part.  Look for 1 way that you can take a step, even if those external circumstances don’t change.
  • Maybe your own Inner Critic voice is yelling so loudly, it’s all you can hear.  Can you imagine thanking it?  I know it sounds crazy, but if it just needs to be heard, give it that.  Acknowledge it.  Thank it for showing up, and let it know you’re in the driver’s seat, and you’re going to take a step, and you promise to keep it safe.
  • Your end goal feels so big, you can’t ever get there, so why even try.  That’s a great question.  Why try?  What is the consequence of not trying?  Ask yourself which feels worse.  Get really honest, and if it feels worse to not try, find 1 small step to take.
  • You should be able to figure it out.  It’s fine for other people to need help, but you should be able to handle this on your own.  Play with the possibility that the only way to move forward was to ask for help.  How does that feel?  If it were absolutely impossible to take a step alone, would it still not be OK to ask for help?  Appreciate yourself for how far you’ve come AND give yourself a pat on the back when you do ask for help…that’s a pretty great step to take.

You’re totally human for being scared to change.  When you’re ready to take 1 small step, know that the door is so wide open.


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