How to play the long game

Passion is overrated.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I know. Coaches are supposed to help people find passion, not dismiss it. Hear me out.

Passion is the thing that gets you started. Passion, fire, fury – call it what you want; but it’s that strong emotion you feel that kicks things into gear and gets things started. It inspires you to take action, fight for change, make the big ask and step out of your comfort zone. But even the strongest fires eventually burn out.

What keeps you going is something entirely different.

Passion has its purpose, and of course I love passion, but I also love grounded confidence because that’s the thing that keeps you going. Grounded confidence, self-trust and inner wisdom – those are components of the long game. They weave together with passion when energy wanes or challenges arise.

Passion shifts from the thing that gets you started to the spark that reignites the flame when it gets low.

All the while, grounded confidence is what allows you to put one foot in front of the other when you’re doing big things. It reminds you to trust that you need to care for your energy, as well as your cause. It helps you find the resources you need to make things happen. It provides discernment, thoughtfulness and resilience.

When that passion kicks in, by all means follow it…and when that passion needs you to play the long game, tap into grounded confidence.

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