How To Get Your Mojo Back In 5 Creative And Soul Deepening Ways

Post by Sharyn Holmes for the Kind Kindred series.

photo by Amanda Lea La Vergne

Everything I have ever let go of has claw marks on it – David Foster Wallace

I read this quote for the first time recently and I had a light bulb moment. It all made sense, finally! The words resonated so strongly with me that I began to write my own experience and understanding of what they meant to me. By the end of my contemplation, I realised how far I had come through past trauma and the impact it had on my creativity and self-confidence.

I have some suggested guideposts to share on how to launch forward into your best possible self and your best possible life. My key messages here are: everything is possible, the choices lay before you and the solutions are within you.

1. Feel your feelings 
• Work through every single one of them, good, bad, traumatic, ugly, no need to label them, just get them out! 
• Have a good old cry to clear out those emotional cobwebs. 
• Confide in a supportive friend or family member. Someone who will just listen and maybe give you some yummy raw dark chocolate! Hint, hint! 
• Take advantage of any free counseling service your employer or community may offer.

2. Journal 
• Write down how you feel, scribble it, type it, get all of it out. This is not a rule, but a helpful tip to help you move forward: No editing. 
• Write a list of what you want to be free of.
• Allow your words be the river that flows you to your next course of action.

3. Illustrate it 
• You do not have to be an artist to do this – the idea is to release, face resistance and let go! Replace the burden with play. 
• Get your crayons, pencils, pastels out and draw, make angry lines, joyful and hypnotic swirls, lose yourself in the moment.

4. Throw paint down 
• Get back to basics with school acrylics, put your apron on, and paint with your hands, move the paint around on your paper or cardboard – whatever you chose, allowing your fingers to dance dots across the page, your palms to make prints and your spirit to make its mark. 
• Use the end of a paint brush to scratch your thoughts and words until you feel free, keep painting with your hands and scratching words in – whatever you need that will uplift you. Think: affirmations, intentions, mantras that will aid you to manifest your dreams.

5. Ritual Release 
• Take a sheet of paper, fold it into a number of sections then tear it along the fold lines. Write down on each piece of paper what you want to be free of. Give yourself the gift to let it all go. Refer back to your Journal notes from point 2 above. 
• Light a candle and (safely) burn the pieces of paper outside, reciting “I let go of…” or “… no longer serves me, I now move forward with grace and truth”. As every little bit of paper turns to ash, exhale and release the burden from your shoulders, your heart, your tummy wherever you hold the tightness and stress. 
• The waning moon phase is a great time to let go, remove limiting beliefs or reduce an obstacle!

I would love to read your stories of letting go and if you have tried out my guideposts to getting your mojo back.

Sharyn Holmes is a creative artista and writer. She believes in living a wholehearted life with integrity and truth. She shares her passions, creative tips, artful adventures and stories on her website.

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