How to Find Your Voice

Post by Heather Shafer for the Kind Kindred series.

How to Find Your Voice

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am beyond excited to be here and connecting with you all.

I want to talk about finding your voice. This is not something that we do once and we are done. Finding your voice and sharing it in the various ways is a layered and ongoing journey, but a beautiful one!

First let me touch upon what I mean when I am saying “Finding Your Voice” this is coming from a place of Authenticity of your truth, what feels right and true and not forced, fake or robotic to you.

Your voice can show up more than just verbally, it can be “spoken” internally (that is the most important place to start after all) and externally. It can even show up in the way that you dress and decorate, how you interact with others and what and who you surround yourself with.

There is only one you, and the world needs your voice, your truth and your gifts/strengths. When I say ‘the world’, that feels like too much pressure, let’s use words like your Family and Friends, they need your truth, they need your gifts/strengths.

Don’t beat yourself up about what you wish you had done or wished you started earlier.. simply put… Start Where You Are.

The last 2 years, but especially the last year, have been a journey of me continuing to find my voice. It’s there, it always has been, as it is for you. Sometimes it’s just hidden under layers of shoulds, expectations, fear and protecting yourself from hurt, that we feel we don’t even have it. But we do, you do, I promise! I want to share with you some of the ways that I have continued to peel away some of these layers to reveal my own voice.

These ideas are useful for those just starting on the path of stepping into their truth of finding their voice. It’s also for those who have found it, but are sensing or full on knowing that that voice has some more layers that are calling to you to be revealed.

When on this journey I think the #1 thing that will help you in the journey to find your voice is to notice. Notice what inspires you, what lights you up, what drains you, what messages your life keeps giving you over and over (they are there in all sorts of forms). Notice what subjects you are draw to over and over, what people you are drawn to: What is it about those people that you are attracted to?

Get a journal and start jotting down some of these things that you notice. I love the idea of having it in one place (or very few places) so you can look it over and find themes in it. Another way to notice that I love is to create an Inspiration Journal, this is simply a journal that you capture anything that inspires you, no over thinking.. from magazine clippings to words, quotes etc.

I suggest having a separate journal to capture your thoughts. Just allow yourself to free write, whats on your mind, in heart and soul. Keeping a journal is an excellent way to be able to have a safe place to speak your voice and build up confidence. Even in the frustrations your voice can be revealed. I have learned more of what I do want by being in situations that I did not like, so knowing what we don’t want can be revealing!

Starting a blog is a great way to be able to capture and notice as well. I know it can be scary to put yourself out there. But if you feel like this is something you are pulled to do, follow it! You don’t have to know what the blog’s theme is or what it is all about at first. Eventually yes, that is helpful but right now just think of it as an experiment in finding your voice.

Creative Exploration:
One of my other very favorite tools in this journey is to explore creatively. I have discovered many things about myself through creative exploration. My explorations of choice, that have helped reveal and build up my confidence with my finding and expressing my voice are: Photography, mostly with my iPhone to be honest! Visual Journaling, also referred to often as Art Journaling, but that had too much pressure in it for me, visual journal felt better to me so that’s the name I use!

Just allow yourself to experiment, the more you do that the more you will find what your style is (aka: your voice) – Grab your camera and just go out and start capturing things, places, colors that inspire you, that get your attention. Grab a journal, some magazines, a glue stick, pens or a sharpie and just start gluing stuff down and playing around with it. Explore with the way that you dress! Are you wearing something that expresses you are or what others and you expect of yourself?

These are the ways I have and continue to find and express my voice in this beautiful and crazy journey of life!

One more fast but important tip… Know that once we start to find and express our voices it will sometimes make others and sometimes ourselves, a bit uncomfortable. This is normal, stick to what feels good for you and your truth. Be gentle with yourself and gentle, yet firm in your boundaries, with others.

Here’s to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered,

Heather Shafer is a certified Dream Coach, and an Inspiration/Authentic Living Coach, she believes that connecting to our deepest and most creative Selves is critical to living our best, most powerful, lives. Her passion in life to help support you in living with Purpose, she does this with her blog, online workshops and coaching!


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