How to Find Your North Star

Literally, the North Star points you in the right direction when traveling.

Metaphorically, the North Star is your life purpose. We all have one that belongs to us; we just have to find it.

Finding your north start can be a life-long challenge – and that’s okay. Not knowing where you’re going it’s okay as long as you keep moving forward. The best leaders and successful entrepreneurs I’ve met didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives 10 years ago, and still don’t know today. They keep going, and somehow, they always succeed.

So, if you don’t have a North Star just yet, hear me out. The process of discovering your life purpose is intriguing, fascinating and outstanding. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Explore the things that bring you happiness

We’re all born with different qualities and purposes. Discovering your true purpose is not something you must mentally create, but something that should come naturally to you. To make life unfold the way you want it to, you must uncover what you already have, discover what you already possess. Exposing the things that bring you inner happiness can be explored by asking these questions:

  • What do you love to do and why?
  • What comes super easy for you?

Of course, developing answers to these questions can take time and constant effort; but I’d advise you to answer them on the spot for now. See what your inner self is telling you first, and then get your mind involved in the process. For instance, I love to coach, teach, train and help people develop. This comes easy to me and I truly enjoy these activities. I do not like accounting or programming – these things do not come easy to me, so I know I won’t transform them into my life purpose.

  1. Find your qualities

Now that you’ve discovered what you love doing, let’s check out your qualities. What are three of your best qualities? Also, why are those your best qualities? What makes them stand out? After you’ve answered these questions, ask yourself, “How do I like expressing these qualities in real life?

For instance, I like telling personal stories to my trainees because it helps them better understand my research. I know I am good at telling stories (I’m pretty funny you know) and I also know that using this quality to help students understand various concepts is essential. Think about some of the things that you like doing and how you can transmute them into reality.

  1. Create a powerful statement

Take some time to write down what a perfect world would look like for you. If everything went according to your plans, how would it look? How would people behave? What would you do? Who would you spend time with?

In my perfect world, people would understand what freedom truly means and would not be blindfolded. They would distinguish good from bad and moral from immoral. In my perfect world, I wouldn’t have a job because I wouldn’t need to teach people how to connect with their inner selves – they’d already know that.

Since the world is not perfect, my job is to do everything I can to bring it closer to perfection. So, how does your perfect world look? What is your biggest intention?

  1. Follow your intuition

Listening to what your heart is telling you is another important part of this process. You might want to go somewhere mentally, but your heart might bring you closer to your real-life purpose. Listen to it.

Your inner GPS will guide you wherever you need to go. Just like you were driving a car, your inner GPS will tell you how to get from A to B. It will guide you accordingly, so trust your intuition.

To make your inner GPS run effectively you must find your destination. That doesn’t mean that your plans should be unchangeable, fixed, tight. It just means that your destination should point towards evolution. For example, I always knew that bringing people in closer contact with their inner selves is my end goal. I set that destination on my inner GPS and now I’m working to get to it. I leave room for the unexpected but always have a clear objective in mind.

So, what’s your final address? How willing are you to trust your gut and go with it? A useful tool to find that out could be meditation. Try it out!

  1. Be clear

The next step you need to take is becoming clear in your request. The Universe, God, Allah, The All, Gaia or however you want to call it (I call it the Universe) cannot help us fulfill our wishes if we do not know EXACTLY what we want.

Once you figure out what that is, start focusing on it. You were born with an inner guidance that’ll help you fulfill your dreams – you just have to be clear in your intentions. When you present your wishes to the Universe, your mind and heart must be in harmony. Your thoughts should promote your desires while your heart supports them. Taking some honest time to make your intentions clear is important.

  1. Discover your passions

Taking a self-assessed passion test is another way to figure out what your life purpose is. You should ask yourself, “When is my life ideal and why? What makes it ideal in both the short and long run?”

I like using this format: “When my life is ideal, I am…”

  • helping people connect with themselves.
  • connected with my inner guidance.
  • creating an organization that supports humanity.

These are just some examples of mine that you can use as guidance. Complete the rest of the sentence after the words “I am” with things you want to do or feel. It will help you discover your passions.

  1. Start to love yourself more

If you are not taking enough time for yourself, your life becomes chaotic. It might seem like you’re doing something you truly enjoy when in fact, you’re not internally happy. To create an adequate setting for changing the world, you must learn to love yourself first. The more you love yourself, the better suited you become. The more you love yourself, the more doors will open for you.

Take care of your mind, your body, your soul and your needs before saving others. If you don’t take baby steps to become self-aware, you’ll end up frustrated. You won’t be able to save anybody if you don’t save yourself first. Love yourself more and more each day. This is a key point in finding your North Star.

  1. Align thoughts, emotions and actions

You have the inner power to create anything you want for yourself; but for that to happen, you must align your thoughts and emotions with your behavior. If you cannot do that you won’t succeed. Your goals must align with your goals. Your talents should align with your objectives. Your purpose must align with your North Star.


Changing your perspective upon life is crucial in order to manifest your goals into reality. Explore what brings you happiness, follow your intuition and love yourself more. You got this!

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