How to Find Stillness in a Chaotic World

The world can be chaotic. But in chaos there’s always a way to find peace, especially if you yearn for it. You just need to exert some conscious effort without stressing out before you can achieve it. Being still and present is simply what we need in the midst of all this chaos. We have to learn to slow down and be aware of ourselves and our surroundings. Mindfulness is key to regaining focus while leading a busy life.

If you’re looking for ways to find peace, just look around you. Any situation can give you a chance to feel calm and stay relaxed. But if you find it quite difficult, here are some tips you may want to keep in mind.

Constantly re-focus

It’s almost a default for many to daydream a lot – whether it’s dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness is one way to resist this tendency. It entails actively keeping your attention on the present and is necessary for constantly regaining your focus. Maliha Safiullah previously shared some benefits of mindfulness and meditation. For one, it can help a great deal with fighting depression and anxiety because it reduces stress and increases triggering of positive vibrations.

Breaking out of a cycle full of distraction and negativity to change your mindset requires some work. A good way to start is by making a conscious decision to be in the moment. Whenever you find your mind wandering – recognize it, take a deep breath and re-center yourself in the present moment. Just focus on what you’re doing and what you want to achieve in that particular moment.

Learn how to be present

There are many exercises that help us practice mindfulness. It can be as simple as being aware of where you are and stopping to observe the present moment. You can take deep, long breaths and try to focus on the moment’s sensations and the emotions you’re feeling. The more you concentrate on the present moment and savor it, the easier it is to be in a mindful state. Moreover, you can even practice this as a physical workout.

Digital nomad Jane Adamson explains how yoga teaches one to surrender to the present and to be okay with stillness, helping you center yourself no matter where you may be. This ancient practice reminds you to be conscious of what you do and be compassionate towards others – on and off the mat. Likewise, the New York Times recommends yoga to everyone, regardless of physique or fitness level. The “child’s pose” is a good calming pose to start with. This should be your go-to pose whenever you need to rest and refocus for a moment during your yoga workout. It gently stretches your lower back, hips, thighs, knees and ankles while it relaxes your spine, shoulders and neck.

Engage with what you see

The best way to fully participate in the present is to interact with it. Be fully conscious of your surroundings and thoughts, and take in the scene before you with your eyes. A good way to practice this is by taking photos, capturing special moments of your life. Greater Good Magazine shares how photography can help cultivate mindfulness and gratitude. Other than giving you a stronger presence in the moment, what’s even better with photography is it allows you to go back to those moments to reflect on at any time.

Eckhart Tolle imparts, “The eternal present is the space within which your whole life unfolds, the one factor that remains constant.” With that in mind, have the conscious effort to get out of your autopilot mode. Worry less about the past and the future. Stop to savor as many moments as you can. What you have and can make use of is the “now.”

Allie Cooper (shane Chris)
Shane Chris is a mom of three kids and a full-time blogger who enjoys trying new yoga poses and practicing mindful meditation. An advocate of healthy living, she loves writing about health and wellness.

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