How to choose joy when things are hard

I hear so many people saying things like, “I can’t celebrate that now, things in the world are so bad.” I even see people being criticized for sharing their joy. This is not the way to make the world feel better.


Yes, I meant the caps there. I know things keep happening and I know the media keeps putting them in our faces over and over and over. I also know that hiding your joy and not sharing the good things only makes things feel worse.

I get it. It can feel uncomfortable to celebrate little things, post cat pics and laugh at silly jokes, but please do it anyway. It’s not disloyal to those who are struggling. If anything, it’s the opposite. Sharing your joy is a way of honoring the good that still exists in the world. It’s a way of respecting that, and proving that love can still exist, despite all of the hate.

Starting today, I give you all permission to share your joy. Share it here. I invite you to share your joy in the comments. Share it on social media. I invite you to comment on Facebook, or Tweet your joy, or take a photo of it for Instagram. Share it with a friend. Text someone who makes you happy. Tell them why. Start a joy sharing chain!

Find one small thing that brings you joy and share it anywhere you can. The world needs more joy. You and I need more joy. Prove that joy and love are stronger than hate.


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