How Oneness Will Heal You

Post by Daniel Collinsworth.

Spring 2012 :: Pink Dogwood by Lori Paquette

How Oneness Will Heal You

Oneness — the idea that all things and phenomena are essentially connected, and all apparent separation is an illusion — is more than just a philosophy to live by. The awareness of Oneness has powerful application in our lives.

Healing is a natural, organic outcome of the Oneness journey. I call it a journey because the experience and understanding of Oneness is a gradual process of discovery and insight.

I believe this journey begins with a single intimate realization: Stillness is at the center of all things. We can identify with it. We can connect to it. We can discover it in the world around us.

And even though I use the word “center”, what I really mean is “essence”. Stillness is our essential nature. You could also call it Consciousness, or Awareness, or Being. I like to call it Stillness, because that is my own personal experience of it. What we call it doesn’t really matter — it transcends language. What’s important is to experience it for yourself, which you can do through a very simple meditation.

Sit (or lie) in a comfortable position, ideally with your spine straight. Take several slow, deep breaths. As you slowly inhale, think “I Am”. As you slowly exhale, think “I Am Still”. Continue this for about 6 full breath cycles. By this time, you will find yourself in a state of deep relaxation. Become aware of the stillness in the very center of your being. A space where there are no words, concepts, thoughts, or things. Just stillness. Let your awareness rest there for awhile.

That’s it — Stillness is always near, just beyond the surface noise of the mind.

With the experience of Stillness, we can begin to recognize it in the world around us. In trees, cloud formations, in other beings — all of nature is rich with a living stillness that resonates very deeply within us. In this way, we begin to gain an intimate understanding of Oneness.

This is where we begin to realize that our healing is in our journey back to Oneness. Through our discovery of Oneness, deep shifts begin to occur in our thoughts and attitudes. It allows us to see the world in a radically different way.

And it all comes back to you — this is one of the most profound teachings that Oneness has to offer us. Everything in the world around you points back to you.

And what you do with that knowledge will define your experience of this life.

If all phenomena point back to you, that means your healing is in the reconciliation of these phenomena with yourself. I know, it’s pretty deep stuff. I know, it’s much easier said than done. But there is wisdom in this.

Let’s start a discussion about this. What questions do you have? What does make sense to you, what doesn’t make sense? Where are you getting stuck? Where are you experiencing victory?

I make myself available to you to talk about all of this, to assist you on your own journey of Oneness and healing.

Daniel Collinsworth is a teacher and cloud watcher. He has a blog called Metta Drum where he shares insights on compassion, oneness, healing and freedom. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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