How One Act of Kindness Changed My World by Mars Dorian

Happy Monday! Today Mars Dorian is here to share a stunning story of how he & his friend were shown Kindness while abroad. Mars is a “digital crusader” – he believes you can impact the world awesomely… & I couldn’t agree with him more! Thank you so much for joining our Kind Kindred tribe Mars, I just love stories like these! Have a beautiful day all! Big Love, Amanda

photo by Mars Dorian

How One Act of Kindness Changed My World

A few years ago, I went to Japan and experienced an event that I will never forget. I was staying at a hostel near the center, and become friends with a Canadian called John who was building his online business while rocking through Japan.

One fine night, we went out for a Tokyo-style club night, and John brought his bag which included his Macbook Pro. Two young people in a vibrant city – let’s just say it was a heavy night, and we returned to our hostel beds when most Japanese were getting ready for the new day.

When we woke up in the early evening, I heard John screaming across the room. He couldn’t find his bag, which included both his Macbook and his wallet, and panicked. We looked EVERYWHERE, but it was clear what happened – John lost it during the party night.

I can tell you – he was DEVASTATED. His whole business was stored on the notebook, and just like the money and credit cards – it was GONE !

Shit !

I felt so sorry for him, but I didn’t know how to comfort him. We sat down in our hostel room, and talked for hours. We were creating plans and ways for him to start again, and different ways to retrieve some of his information via his online accounts, when we suddenly got interrupted by someone knocking on our hostel door.

A slim Japanese, shining at us with a polite smile, was holding a black bag right in front of our faces – it was John’s bag.

C-R-A-Z-Y !

It turns out that he found the bag with the notebook ON the subway. He saw the card from the hostel in the wallet, called the reception to make sure John was staying there and then drove across Tokyo (we are talking hours here!) to PERSONALLY return the notebook and wallet back to John.

It took me and John seconds to even realize the scenario, because we would have NEVER expected that behavior. Who would return a valuable Macbook and a wallet full of money in Europe or in the States?

Not many.

But people in Japan are different – they live in a densely populated area. The streets are packed like rock concerts, and squeezing yourself through spaces and crowds is daily life. The Japanese cope with the chaos by being super-kind, instead of going berserk.

But honestly, I don’t want to reduce this kindness to a coping strategy, I believe it’s an epic way to live. This small event has changed the way I treat the people around me – whenever I see a clueless tourist, or any person in need of help, I jump in and do the “right thing”.

Because it matters.

Mars Dorian is a creative entrepreneur who shares his tips & tricks on building a powerful online presence. Rated R – not for everyone.


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