Holy Healing

holy healing

Grab a rainbow fly with me
To a land of possibility

Higher than high but deep within
A magical place where healing begins

Above the clouds where angels dwell
Surrounded by love where all is well

I catch a star and place it where
Your heart is filled with fear, despair

The light of the star is so bright
It lifts your fears, transforms the night

One by one the angels come
Carry your fears till there are none

They seal them in a silver box
A place that no one can unlock

The box is placed on angel wings
And carried away, so your spirit can sing.

Feel scared no more, no longer blue
For I, the Lord, am here for you

To help you heal, to help you grow
To teach you everything I know

All that pain that’s in you dear
Is washed in Holy, healing tears.

debbie milam
Debbie Milam is an award-winning visionary, speaker, founder of the "Grace Love Well Foundation" and past syndicated columnist for United Press International. She is the author of several books including "Overtaken by Grace" and "Lord Show Me You Are Here." Debbie’s ground-breaking work has been featured in First for Women the Miami Herald, Elle, Ladies Home Journal and on the Hallmark Channel, PBS, and WebMD. Her work can be found on her website and her project site.

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