Hold to the Raft

We stood on the edge
of a treacherous river,
looking in vain
for a bridge we could cross.

The water it swirled,
murky and dark,
like a hungry wolf
ready to kill.

There was no bridge,
we had no choice;
it was through the water
to reach our goal.

So we built a raft
and we built it strong,
then said a prayer
and stepped aboard.

Well, the water it churned
and the current it heaved,
carrying us down
like helpless rats.

But we clung to our lifeline
and kicked with our legs,
and we fought the flow
against all odds.

Again and again,
we dipped down under
until at last our strength
was nearly spent.

I cried in pain
as the water surged,
“My friend I’m done,
this is the end!”

My resolve had faltered
and my grasp was weakening,
I could feel the water
closing in.

I raised my hand
to say farewell
but my friend reached out
and shouted at me:
“The river’s not crossed
and we have not sunk
so hold to the raft,
there is still hope!”

The voice was weak
against the roar
but the power of them
kindled a spark.

Gritting my teeth,
I gripped again
and struggled with strength
I hadn’t before.

The water still surged
all around us with force,
but this time the shore
seemed closer somehow.

Together we fought,
kicking and thrashing
and together at last
we reached the shore.

Coughing and heaving
we dragged ourselves up
and I gripped my friend’s hand
and just whispered “thank you.”

Rebekah Brielle is a quirky and passionate freelance writer who also loves to write poetry. She has been writing a daily poem since August 2013 and now has well over 1500 poems. When she’s not busy writing, she can be found cooking up something yummy to eat, reading a good book or going on epic road trips with her amazing hubby. You can connect with Rebekah on Instagram.

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