Hold Success in Your Heart

Guest post by Tara Gentile, creator of The Art of Action.

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Are you holding success in your heart?

Consider the last time you felt successful. Was it at work? At school? In sports? In the kitchen? With your kids? With your girlfriend? At a party? In the bedroom?

Soak in that success for a moment.

Rest in it.

What does success feel like to you physically? When success is in my heart, I sit up taller. I walk with my shoulders back and chin level. The right side side of my mouth curls up into a gentle smile.

Or it might be a smirk. A nice smirk.

Success is illusive for many of us. We resist it. We fear that if we hold on to it too tightly, we might just squish it.

But identifying your own (yes, you need to own it) success and feeling it flow from your toes to your hips to your chest to the very top of your head gives you a place of rest when resistance threatens to break you down.

Despite all of our late-20th century you’re-special-in-your-own-way coddling, we are conditioned to consider ourselves one step away from utter failure:

You’re special but that doesn’t mean you’re successful.

You’re special but that doesn’t mean you’re more-than-capable.

You’re special but that doesn’t mean you’re ready for the stage.

We hold failure in our hearts like a lame puppy. We are conditioned to expect failure when we do things outside of our comfort zone.

Building a business, cultivating a community, or exploring a new idea is not the time you want your failure conditioning looming over you like a gray cloud on a sunny day. Instead, you want to lay outside & bake [insert warning from the Surgeon General here].

If we don’t drink in the success we have and recognize it in our day-to-day experience; we can’t later use that understanding of our success to give us that courage. — Bridget Pilloud

Courage blooms in the rays of your success.

And it needn’t be today’s success. Yesterday’s or last decade’s success will do just fine.

Where would your creative mojo go if you held success in your heart?

How would your craziest plans take shape if you considered all the ways they could go right instead of go wrong?

What would your next step be if you let your confident consciousness lead the way?

But don’t stop there.

The beauty of holding success in your heart is that success is not a singular feeling. It is accompanied by the loveliest harmonies: peace, calm, elegance, kindness, generosity, warmth.

Finding your own success is not a selfish act. It opens you to all the possibilities you have to offer to the world. It allows you to rediscover your own strengths.

And really, when was the last time you had a positive conversation with your heart about your own strengths?

Hold success in your heart. Feel its warmth push you forward. Offer it to others.

Tara Gentile is a philosopher of creative living who empowers passion-driven entrepreneurs to produce & profit. She is the creator of The Art of Action – a digital program for transforming your hard work into big results.

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