Hold on. You’ve got this.

illustration by Kristin Noelle

Some of you know that I’m a pretty big believer in things happening for a reason. We don’t always know / understand the reason, but I do try to believe that one exists, and I’ve learned that reasons often show themselves long after things happen. So much for instant gratification!

Anyway, let’s rewind to early December 2013. The amazing Amanda Oaks and I were beginning our KOM transition and I was responding to writers and scheduling 2014 posts. My ideas were flying fast & furious, as were the text messages between Amanda & me. Monday Motivators was one of those ideas. I wanted to start every week with a nice or fun or silly or inspiring quote and figured I’d just use some random pic from the interwebs.

Until Kristin…

One of the emails that landed in my Inbox was from her. As an illustrator, she wanted to contribute to KOM, but wasn’t quite sure how. Luckily, I had just the way! My fingers couldn’t type fast enough and I couldn’t believe how quickly the Universe made this come together! I sent her an email about my (then) secret Monday Motivator plan, and she was immediately on board. We joined forces and now her illustrations land in my Inbox and inspire me every week.

I get it. This story clearly falls into the “duh, the reason is pretty obvious, Lara” category, but what about the things that don’t – those delayed reasons, or the things that simply suck?

How do we “hold on” when things seem to happen for no reason at all?

Have you ever looked back on something that, in the moment, was so awful and terrible you didn’t know how you’d survive? Well, you did survive. You got through it and that alone deserves a HUGE high-5. You held on. Whether the reason showed itself or not, you made it. You’ve got this.

Human beings are unfathomably resilient, especially when we join forces, reach out, connect, inspire and support.

Every week someone reaches out and inspires me with a beautiful surprise that lands in my Inbox. I’m lucky enough that I get to connect with all of you and share these inspirations.

Because, yeah, we’ve got this. We’re connected. We’re inspiring each other. Trust me. Just reach out and keep holding on. Maybe you’ll even find some unexpected reasons out there, too.

?, Lara

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