Hello, hello!

There is absolutely no way in the Universe I could be more excited to be here! My gratitude to the incredible Amanda Oaks goes beyond words and my awe of the community she’s created runs deeply! I already feel so welcome and can’t wait to get to know all of you more.

I am bubbling over with ideas for Kind Over Matter for 2014 (and beyond!) and hope that you’ll share in this journey. Many of the familiar faces and voices will continue to contribute along with some new and exciting ones. We’ll be adding some new parts of the site that will make it more interactive and showcase even more of your beautiful creativity and contributions to the planet.

KOM’s Facebook community is going to be super-interactive and fun, as well, and there will even be some Tweeting! 😉

Please bear with me over the next 2 weeks and pop back to some of your favorite old posts here. We’ll be back with tons of exciting, new content starting Monday, January 6, 2014! You’ll even be seeing a few little tweaks to site then, just to Lara-fy it a teensy bit!

I’m still accepting writers for January – April 2014, although spots are filling up quickly! You can visit this post to read the guidelines & then email me at: KOMWriting@gmail.com : if you want to write a post, a short series, or discuss becoming a recurring columnist! Even if you just want to say Hi, drop me a line for that, too! I’d love to hear from everyone.

Thank you all, again, for the warm welcome and for being a part of my dreams. Please feel free to check out my bio below & friend me on Facebook.

With Kindness,

Have you ever had an idea of something you REALLY wanted to do with your life, but weren’t quite sure how to get there? That’s what Kind Over Matter is to me! For well over a decade, I’ve had great jobs in Corporate America, but always had that nagging feeling of there being “something more” out there. Through some amazing people and a little bit of luck & timing, I stumbled into this community and couldn’t be happier to be here! I am extremely blessed to be able continue this amazing forum and incredibly excited to enrich it!

I’ve spent my life living in suburban Philadelphia, attended Moravian College for undergrad and managed to earn my MBA (while working!) at University of Phoenix in 2004. I’m married with 1 FAT orange cat, who occupies most of my Facebook page! I believe that people are the most important thing in life and am blessed to have some friends that make better family than most people’s relatives. If given the choice, I’d take the gift of their time over any other gift. The people closest to me are priceless, and I try to let them know that as often as possible.

Thank you for being here to share kindness with me!

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