The health benefits of lawn care

Each time you take care of your lawn, you are also exercising, and using a lawn mower is a good activity for both your physical and mental health. It not only helps you work out your body, it also helps focus your mind. Let’s take a look at 3 of the the physical and mental health benefits lawn care activities can offer.

  1. Cardiovascular exercise

Probably the most well-known benefit of lawn care is the cardiovascular exercise it provides. Operating a manual reel lawn mower is considered to be a healthy exercise for your heart. Using a manual mower or even a self-propelled one, requires you to walk, push, pull or navigate it using physical strength. 30 minutes of mowing your lawn can be a vigorous workout! This not only strengthens your muscles but also improves blood circulation and metabolism, requiring you to work out as much as doing aerobic exercises. You even get resistance work when you encounter slopes or hills, which makes your heart and lungs work and helps create a stronger heart.

  1. Calorie burning

While working out your body, lawn care helps to burn a great amount of calories. If you want to burn more calories than a normal workout provides, lawn mowing can be an alternative method. Based on a weight of 125, 155 or 185 pounds – mowing your lawn with a manual lawn mower for 30 minutes burns about 135, 167, or 200 calories respectively. With a riding lawn mower you will not burn as many calories, but 60 minutes on a riding mower does burn about 191 calories. For continuous workout benefits, mowing should be done regularly, and on the days when you don’t need to mow, consider doing other lawn care chores such as raking leaves or aerating. Any lawn care activity that requires muscle strength will help you burn calories.

  1. Stress-reducing & focusing the mind

Besides the physical health benefits that lawn care delivers, it is also a good way to release stress and calm your mind. While mowing, watering or clearing leaves from your lawn, the physical movement and exertion can help relieve whatever worries or concerns are on your mind. Focusing on the lawn care tasks can help you shift focus away from stress, and you may even feel joy looking at the neat green lawn you’ve spent time and effort maintaining. This feeling of accomplishment can help to boost your spirits. Try concentrating on each move of the mower to help your mind fall into a calm state. Even when obstacles such as shrubs, puddles or fence corners arise, learning to overcome them to accomplish your task, lends to that sense of accomplishment.

After reading this article, you may recognize that taking care of your lawn will not only yield a good-looking lawn, it can also help you maintain your mental and physical well-being. Consider taking care of it yourself rather than have someone else do it, if you are physically able, and always make safe choices (wear protective gloves, clothing, and glasses; don’t mow during extreme heat, in bad weather or when you are ill). Enjoy caring for your lawn and getting the benefits for both your body and mind!

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