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Post by Allie Sheetz for the Love for Love series.

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There have been horses in my family ever since I was born, so I’ve been around them in some capacity my whole life, but I was never much of a rider. I absolutely love when I do ride a horse, but it’s not often enough for me to call myself “experienced”. I love horses, just like I love any other animal, but there is something exceptionally special about these creatures to me.

They are incredibly sensitive animals, and perhaps that’s part of the draw for me. I can relate to them in that way. But have you ever looked a horse in the eye? It’s rather mesmerizing, to say the least. Something about gazing into those bottomless dark pools of wonder leaves one both mystified – straddling a nameless void and staring into infinity – and simultaneously wrapped in a form of comfort that can only be described as maternal. There’s an undeniable sense that you’re safe as can be, loved and understood without reason or justification.

Over the weekend I had the ever-so-fortunate chance to spend some time with these animals in a very unique setting. Part of a Healing Touch for Animals training (an incredible experience in itself) afforded me the opportunity to witness their overwhelming and unconditional love firsthand, heart to heart, as I never have before.

A brief word about Healing Touch for Animals for those of you unfamiliar: it consists of a wide variety of energetic techniques, on and off the body, that assist in strengthening and balancing the energetic field of an animal, bringing it back to a state of wholeness and equilibrium. It helps treat anything from hotspots and Lyme disease, to arthritis and colic, behavioral challenges and anxiety, to abrasions and swelling. This may sound a bit woo-woo to some of you, and trust me; it felt a little woo-woo to me at one time. But when you see these techniques in action, it’s hard to pick your jaw up off the floor and not believe in its power and potential.

We covered a number of balancing and clearing techniques over the weekend, but the one I found to be most profound was the very last one we learned. It’s called the Etheric Heartbeat and it is always to be the last technique administered in any given treatment plan. The reason for is that it floods every cell and molecule of the animal’s entire energy field with the unconditional love and compassion of the heart. It fills all of the gaps and voids created from clearing out debris with pure heart energy, and in doing so, every living being in its proximity is touched by this overwhelming love and joy.

While it’s impossible to truly grasp the gravity of this experience without living it first hand, maybe it will help if I walk you through my own experience.

From the moment Jack was lead into the ring, the pain he was and had been living with was palpable. He walked with a stiffened gate, head hung low and dragging his hind legs behind him in exhaustion. Like all the other horses in the program, he had been recruited to assist in therapeutic riding for disadvantaged youth, and because of his good-natured temperament, had been called upon most often to do most of the grunt work. Unlike the other horses, however, his life prior was one of immense pain. His previous owner and rider was a very obese man who put a lot of strain on his youthful frame. As such, he suffered incredible pain in his joints and at the young age of 15, carried the body of a 30-year-old horse.

After having worked on Jack all afternoon, he was cleared of most of his aches and pains and in a deeply relaxed state. His head and neck were dropped to be parallel with the ground, eyes blinking in and out of consciousness, a bottom quivering lip and his hind leg cocked – all signs of deep relaxation in a horse. He was exuding such peacefulness, it was infectious. I myself felt like I could doze off at any moment. I approached him with hushed tones and stepped gingerly next to his low-hanging head. There was no sense of fear or nervousness, but I didn’t want to jostle him from his zen’d-out state. I softly swept his mane away from his neck and brushed his velvety coat. I cleared the hair from his forehead and in doing so, caught his gaze. Those bottomless, eternal pools of wonder drew me in. In an instant I was flooded with warmth.

With a deep breath in and an exhale, I stepped closer and stooped down to cup my hands over the center of his chest. Almost immediately, I was met with effervescence from the energy in his heart. Soft bubbles of energy tickled my palms and flowed up my arms. I was filled with a sense of pure, unaltered joy – the kind that can only be seen in the sparkling eyes of a young child. It didn’t take long for my breathing to sync up with his, and with one deep, simultaneous sigh, something shifted. The pressure under my palms reached a critical mass and my hands were suddenly being pushed away by the energy flowing out from his heart. It was as though he laid his entire heart and soul in my hands and said “Here. Have this.”

With my heart in my throat and tears flooding my eyes, I slowly backed away, holding my arms out around him to allow this unbounded love and compassion to pour out around him. Holding his gaze through blinks of tears, I couldn’t help but smile in gratitude and honor.

I have always believed in miracles, the everyday kind that come from “being in the right place at the right time”, but on this day, I was shown a different kind of miracle – one of true and absolute love. Not only did I get to stand witness to the unconditional love of a horse, I was on the receiving end of it. Without any seeming justification or warrant, Jack offered his heart and soul to me out of complete trust. And that’s one miracle I will not soon forget.

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