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photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

I love Amy Poehler, and have recommended her book Yes Please, to many people.

How many times have we been self conscious as adults, when we were just trying to have fun? Think about being on a dance floor, taking a class, or even just wearing a daring new outfit. We so often fall into the “what will they think about me” trap. We lose sight of having fun.

What would life look like if we let ourselves have fun? If we let go of the fear of what others might think? If we embrace the courage of a young child, and just dance our hearts out?

This lesson became so clear to me over Labor Day weekend. Every year, hubbs and I have a big backyard party, and my musical friends and I put together a once a year band. It’s a lot of fun…and…I’m always nervous about what everyone will think. What if no one likes my song? What if my voice sucks?

This year, as we were on stage (AKA my deck!) all the little kids at the party were right in front of us dancing their hearts out. People started taking video of them, and even those of us in the band were captivated by them! They were having so much fun. They never thought about how they looked, they just did what they wanted.

I know we’re not all 6 year olds, and I also know that being self-conscious is learned behavior, as the kids at my party reminded me. This means that if we learned this behavior, we can unlearn it.

Take a chance and choose to have more fun this week. Listen to Amy Poehler and trust that you won’t look stupid. Your childlike courage will shine through, and it’ll feel awesome!

Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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