Harmful or Helpful

Right now, in our lives, in this moment, we can make a profound difference in what is happening in our world.

How? By reaching deep enough to feel something beyond personal beliefs and blame. Consider for a moment what might be possible if we feel the thread that connects us all, instead of focusing on what separates us. This unmistakable connection explains empathy, intuition and those times when we think of someone and suddenly they contact us.  This energy is invisible, yet tangible. It moves through all of us and we all exist in it. What we think and feel is part of what composes it. I felt the truth of this when I had a near-death experience years ago; I was floating in it.

Our ability to offer care to another being travels through this field of energy.

Anyone can tap into this quiet place if they truly want to. Deciding to become aware of this thread changes things. This intention wakes up more awareness of what matters to the whole. A flow of kind action takes place without effort, actions free of anger and agenda. We’ve all felt this flow at some time.

We’re all part of one planet, one world. Considering this right now opens us – one little tiny thread in the fabric, but we are all intrinsic to the integrity of the whole cloth. Each thread in a fabric has a unique and integral part. When a thread rips or gets torn, the whole cloth is affected. The fabric becomes less stable and more stress is put on the surrounding threads. We all matter!

We have no idea how much our willingness to be present and connected affects the entire cloth. Energy matters. We have all experienced how the meanness and blame of one person can add suffering and harm to so many. Imagine what might be possible if we take the time to offer inspiration, a glance of compassion or a smile of understanding to someone stuck in fear – without adding to the upset, agreeing with it or topping it with a sad story of our own. There are people who could use some help right now. Let’s extend a hand to give assistance…rather than to get something in return.

We are all the keepers of this planet. We all affect the shape our world is in. Yes, we are one little thread, but what might be possible if we all took a little more responsibility for what we say, share and deposit into this fabric of life? We can offer powerful energy from wherever we are.

Let’s grow goodness instead of feeding fear.

I treasure the thread that connects us.

Holly Riley
Dynamic speaker and best-selling author Holly Riley has been a coach and facilitator of the Allowing materials for over a decade. Following a life-altering near-death experience, Holly began empowering people to let go of self-sabotage and fear, allowing them to become who they longed to be. Her simple, powerful Catch & Release process outlined in "The Allowing Handbook" is indispensable for anyone ready to be free of the past and heal. (Yes, parents, this includes children of all ages!) Visit Holly's website to get more information and to download a free chapter of Holly’s best seller: Allowing: A Portrait of Forgiving and Letting Life Love You.

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