Happy November! Free Desktop Wallpapers & a Whole Lotta Danielle LaPorte Love!

French Kiss Life : Free Desktop Wallpaper

Good Afternoon Lovelies! So excited to share these awe-inspiring Desktop Wallpapers with you today! Yes, we’re sending this month’s wallpapers out a few days early, but for good reason! If you’ve been a fan of KOM for awhile you know that we adore Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth (ummm, who doesn’t, right?) She has been such a huge inspiration to us & I’m sure, to so many of you too.

She so graciously gave us permission to use a few of her Trusims for our wallpapers this month. Heaps of Gratitude & Love to her! Scroll down for the goodness!

Your Soul is Rooting for You : Free Desktop Wallpaper

There is honest weight behind this next bit:

Kind Over Matter is really proud to be one of Danielle’s affiliates. The Fire Starter Sessions totally rocked our creative & entrepreneurial minds. My experience with Fire Starter Sessions goes a little something like this: The Sessions came out right around the time my littlest dude was born – insert lots of time in bed, nursing him into happy, milky dreams – during this time I devoured the book. It was like crawling through the innards of Danielle’s beautiful & genius mind, & then coming out so full of love, light & knowledge that I was bursting at the seams. She set ablaze this enormous fire inside of me, so intense that nothing could possibly tame it. One phrase, among so many, that will forever be embedded in the marrow of my bones is this : Know how you want to feel & do whatever it takes to feel that way. That was such an AHA moment for me – I looked down at my little dude, all hazy, coming out his milk coma & thought, I have to do this for him, I have to set an outstanding example for both my kids. That is when I truly started to take the steps to take KOM to the next level -with all the tips, tricks & know-how that I took away from the FSS. It was a beautiful thing & the gratitude I have for Danielle runs so deep.

We’ve always been open, honest & transparent with you… So, this week she is showering her affiliates with some serious love by upping the percentage affiliates receive for each sale. That means if you purchase either the full-tilt Fire Starter Sessions or the bite-sized chapter True Strengths + the Metrics of Ease, KOM will get half of what you pay – for real? Yes, for real.

Quick shout out for True Strengths + the Metrics of Ease — at $20 it’s an absolute steal, right? It’s worth soooo much more than that, seriously, click this link to see all the goodies you will receive!

So if you’ve been wanting to buy it, now is the time! You will be supporting Danielle’s awesomeness & us — & you will not regret all the knowledge & passion you will pull away from this book, seriously. After purchasing, you too, can become an affiliate & Danielle truly treats us right. Click here to set your dreams into motion!

So if you have a business already, or an idea that you’d like to set afire, what are you waiting for?!

French Kiss Life, your soul is rooting for you & so are we!
The world is waiting for you to shine!

Choose to Shine : Free Desktop Wallpaper

With Love, Enjoy!

stock by Moonchilde-Stock

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