Happy 2018!

If you’ve been hanging around here for any period of time, you know that I don’t do resolutions…I do intentions. To me, resolutions imply “fixing” or thinking there’s something wrong and that’s not the place to begin any successful shift. Intentions are deliberate and come from a place of desire, and they feel really good to me.

1 year ago I set some intentions with you and like every year, there were surprises and ups & downs.

Overall, I’m feeling gratitude for so much in 2017. It was a year of great travel, lots (and lots!) of lessons about myself, new opportunities and love…even when it was hard.

2018 feels exciting and uncertain and scary…and exciting, and I’ll be carrying my intentions with me. I’ve realized that staying grounded and living mindfully are not nice-to-have. They’re critical parts of living a healthy, kind life.

As you start this new year, I invite you to start it from a place of love and kindness. Decisions made from that place area always good ones.


Wishing you the kindest year yet!

With love,
Lara, Diana, & the KOM family



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