Happiness is determined by what’s happening inside you

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Reactions versus events. Emotions versus feelings. Calm amidst chaos.

See a pattern? That may seem like a trick question, but I wanted to illustrate some (not so common) examples of internal versus external.

Let’s look at happiness in this same context. Some things that make me happy are Sunday dinners with friends, date nights with hubbs, and snuggles with my cat before falling asleep. Clearly those are all external, but if they’re not supported by what’s happening inside of me, they don’t make me happy.

Those things that make me happy are events. My reaction to them is happiness. The events trigger feelings, which are fluid/fleeting. My emotions are what’s inside me and what I can affect.

That’s really what it’s about, right? What we can affect? The simple answer is: only the internal. Trust me here – I spent YEARS trying to control the external (and definitely still fall into that pattern at times), and it simply isn’t possible!

Someone said to me recently that it’s an act of power to realize that you can impact your internal happiness. That’s a pretty big statement, and it makes a lot of sense. If you spend your life looking for external things/people/places/words to make you happy, you’re giving away all of your power. What if you spent your life learning how to affect your internal happiness, instead? ¬†What if you could be calm amidst chaos?

Step into your power. Affect your happiness internally and you’ll be amazed at how differently you interact with the external.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.
?, Lara

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