Handmade @Etsy Gift Guide: Make Your Bestie Feel Good!

Guest post by Tiffany Moore of Crafty Fanny.
Handmade @Etsy Gift Guide: Make Your Bestie Feel Good!
1. Show the World Your Magic by Mati Rose
2. Set of French Friend necklaces by i adorn u
3. Carribean Sea necklace by suzannemade
4. You are Beautiful wood block by crafty fanny (that’s me!)
5. The Dream Big project by Scout & Catalogue
6. Baby Giraffe print by Sharon Montrose
7. Your Job screenprint by Rob Ryan
8. Panda pocket mirror by Jessica Swift
9. Besties by Her Painted Word
10. Polka-dot mushroom apron by Boojiboo

Tiffany Moore, aka Crafty Fanny, is an artist and crafter living in Northern California. She get swoony over all things French, giraffes and the Avett Brothers. A self-proclaimed lover, dreamer, and imaginator, Tiffany is actively working towards an amazing vision of her life and believes that EVERYONE can live their most happy, best life.

You can find Tiffany on her website, writing about her thoughts on her blog live happy (because we ALL deserve to be happy!), selling her happy wares on etsy, tweeting away on twitter, and talking about all things inspiration over on Spring.

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