haiku to live by, or not

It’s really so hard?
please put the toilet seat down
you could fall in too

friends who don’t listen
aren’t really friends at all
stop kidding yourself

as if it solves things
people say “this too shall pass”
sometimes it doesn’t

wanting to belong
how I used to choose my friends
alone is better

words are not the truth
don’t believe what people say
look at what they do

listen to your friends
even when it’s trivial
you might bore them too

every choice you make
is a moral decision
put toilet seat down


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Peter Cherr
Peter C. Cherr is a retired New York City teacher where he taught English, writing, public speaking and theater. He also is a consultant in organizational behavior, interpersonal communications, executive coaching and personal coaching - with a focus on trying to help companies and people find out who they truly are and communicate that to the world as clearly as possible. He has written his entire life, ever since he was able to hold a pencil and form words on paper, His latest project is "Haiku in the Time of Corona Virus." Peter can be found on LinkedIn and you can follow him and his project on Instagram.

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