Giving Yourself Credit

What have you accomplished this year? That question is making it’s way around the internet and offline circles. There’s value in asking; there’s value in reflecting; and sometimes that question is really hard to answer. Sometimes life feels like a series of lather, rinse, repeat days. Work, sleep, weekend, repeat – until suddenly it’s December again!

Not every year has a gigantic accomplishment or fancy list of achievements…and that’s completely OK!

It is so much more than OK if you maintained the status quo this year.
It is awesome if you are in the exact same spot today as you were a year ago.
It’s especially OK if you had some goals and maybe you didn’t quite meet them. All that means is that a year wasn’t enough time and you get to keep working toward them on January 1st, just as you did on December 31st.

While we’re reflecting, I’d also like to invite you to ask someone in your inner circle what they think you’ve accomplished this year. Sometimes you’re so in the thick of your own life, it’s hard to notice the things you’ve done.

To all of my fellow type A folks who are feeling a little less than thrilled about what you accomplished this year, invite an outside perspective and I bet you’ll see things a lot differently.

To all of my people who hit it out of the park this year and have loads of things you’re proud of accomplishing, HOORAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! We celebrate you, we celebrate what you’ve done and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

To all of my people feeling a little stagnant, we’re so proud of you. We’re proud that you’re here and we celebrate the fact that you exist. Maybe this rest year is exactly what you needed.

Wherever you find yourself at the end of this year, please take a moment to give yourself some credit. Credit that isn’t contingent on a big list of accomplishments, but the purest kind of credit – the kind that let’s you be proud of you…just because.

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