Giveaway Winner!




The above print from Fréya Art & Design will be living with you soon!

Tell us the most heartwarming thing someone’s ever said to you about you!

Her entry comment was:
I have a wooing hubby, too, but I think I melted the most when he said we’d be together “for the rest of our days” – a year before he proposed! But not in a creepy, stalkerish way. In a sweet, awesome way. I knew then that he really loved me.

Soooooo sweet!

Special Thanks to Fréya for donating her beautiful-beautiful work to our cause, thank you so, so much, we love your work soooo much!

Thanks to everyone who entered, your comments were such a joy to read & warmed our hearts, so thank you, thank you for sharing your precious memories with us.

Please visit our sponsors to your right, many of them have donated their work & time into Kind Over Matter, we thank them greatly. Consider becoming a sponsor!

Peace to you on this lovely day!


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