Giveaway Thursday #11!

This week’s Giveaway Thursday is from Kelli at
Kelli Murray Art !

You have a chance to win her 14 x 24 Power to the Peaceful canvas print!!

I am so-so excited about this week’s giveaway! eeeee! A quick story: I’m addicted to etsy. No, no really, I am. One of my favorite things to do is to look for giveaways for KOM because then I get to look at all the pretties…and it’s ok! It’s like i’m doing work only it’s so fun!

Anyway so, I’m looking through etsy, swooning over nearly every single thing I see, and then I stumble upon this entry, and oh I want it. how I want it! but not for me, for you! Well, maybe a little bit for me, too, but mainly for you all. It’s so big, it’s so pretty!

So I put on my Big Girl Pants™ and e-mail Kelli, asking her if she would possibly maybe please-please-please be interested in perhaps taking part in a giveaway of the print. And then I hold my breath and hit send…

…..and she says yes! I felt like this! So yeah, I’m pretty stoked about all this. Ahem.

Find Kelli here:

How to Enter:

Tell me about a time when you took a chance on something, when you dreamed so big about something you weren’t sure would work out but you tried anyway.

Contest ends Wednesday June 3 at 8pm EST.
The winners will be announced Thursday, June 4.

Bonus Entries:

If you do any of the following let us know by letting a separate comment for each one you do. If you do any of the following already, let us know in an extra comment. Please, please make a separate comment for each of the bonus things that you do or your comment won’t count. The separate comments help us to stay organized & makes choosing a winner so much easier…& it also ups your chances of winning! If you have any questions please e-mail us!

1. Follow our blog.
2. Follow Amanda or Jenn on Twitter & Tweet about this giveaway.
3. Join our Flickr Pool.
4. Join our Facebook Group.
5. Buy something from Kelli’s shop & make THREE extra comments!
6. Share a photo of a card drop that you’ve done & make TWO extra comments.
7. Subscribe to our updates via the feedburner there on the right & you get ONE extra comment.

Please make sure to leave your e-mail address with each comment you make!

Good luck everyone!!

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