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Giveaway from
Ananda Soul Creations

Live Your Dream

We all have dreams… When we’re little our dreams say ‘When I’m grown up, I will be …’ But when is that grown up? Who makes the rules? Sometimes when we grow older, rather than giving us butterflies in our belly, the idea of living your dreams give us more of a headache of regrets and overwhelm? There are so many ideas whirling through my head and to be completely honest with you when I look at my to-do list the LAST thing I want is there to be anything added…let alone big projects like my dreams!!

So a big first step to even remember what our dreams are is to create space internally. Now I am aware that most of our lives are insanely busy. The other day I came into my shop with the darkest circles under my eyes and my lovely assistant Dewi just looked at me, tilted her head and said: ‘You need a break!’ – and my friend Jocelyn agreed… So Jocelyn and I took off for 2 days …laying at the beach with Banana milkshakes, tons of naps and reading an entire book at once (haven’t done that in ages)… It certainly felt like living the dream. 😀

Now taking 2 full days at the beach might be quite unrealistic for you and I’m not suggesting you have to do that. However, finding a few minutes with your legs propped up against a wall and some nice music on or giving yourself a 5-minute foot massage with Sesame oil can do similar magic. And once we allow that bit of time for ourselves it’s like those little whispers inside of us can be heard a bit more easily…

I would like to give you a little reminder to reach for your highest dreams. That’s why we are giving away a ‘Live Your dream’ necklace with Amethyst.

I strongly believe that each one of us has a very unique and sacred purpose. This belief was the inspiration for the ‘Live your dream’ necklace. The dove is a symbol of care, devotion, purity, hope and peace. It represents pure potential that is revealed only by viewing the soul through the lenses of love.

Only as high as I reach can I grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,
Only as much as I dream can I be.

Karen Raven

Amethyst is a very powerful stone, know to calm and bring clarity to the mind, to relieve stress, sooth sadness, anxiety and to balance mood swings. This beautiful purple stone for the crown chakra balances the hormones, strengthens the immune system and has a stimulating effect on the metabolism.

The ‘Live your dream’ necklace is part of the 2013 Ananda Soul Creations collection. ‘Soulful creations which inspire and empower women to reach their dreams’ is the idea behind this luxury ethical jewelry brand. Inspired by spiritual practices, yogic philosophy and ancient traditions, the collection is designed to reflect women’s natural beauty and strength.

My vision is to empower women from the core, inspire them to reach for their dreams, make them realize how powerful and beautiful they are. My soul creations are filled with Balinese blessings, prayers, smiles and love from each and every person involved in our production and that is what shines through … from our heart to yours

Every piece of the collection is handmade by Balinese artisans from 925 Sterling Silver, 22kt Gold Vermeil and the highest quality precious and semi-precious gemstones before being blessed by Balinese priests with prayers of love and peace and cleansed in holy water.

The company donates 10% from each sale to ‘The Safe Childhood’s Foundation’ in Bali which helps protect children from poverty and human trafficking to give them a better, brighter future. Regular jewelry making workshops for mothers of street children empower these women to make their own jewelry pieces, some of which are featured in this season’s collection.

To enter to win the Live your dream necklace, email and answer the following question:

What is your dream in life?

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